I have bought bitmap2material3 from the marketplace, but it doesn’t download the external program, why is that? I thought that i will have the external program too, anyway to help me or there is a way to undo it

What you purchased is the program for UE4 meaning it is the same program you would use externally but it is completely integrated inside UE4, no separate executable.

All of this is explained within the item’s Description - All you will need to do is install the Substance plugin for UE4 in order for it to work -

Hello miguline,

You have not received a License.key or Donwload link ?

Normally ,You must import bitmap2material3_UE_EU4.sbar into Unreal Engine
Of course , like CharlestonS say you , you need install Free Plugin in your project for Unreal ENgine 4 (4.6 or below only)

bitmap2material3_UE_EU4.sbar location is

If you resolved your issue, please can you tell me if there is any difference with the external software ? You can export to bitmap your aldebo map , microsurface etc… ?

Thank you, bitmap2material it is working in UE4 but i think that i would have the external program too, because if you purchase the program in the official page, you have the external program and you can use it in UE4 too

I thinked , its better like this , directly in ue4 , you don’t need wait after a update of free plug.

You can basically have the plugin working as a standalone by loading it inside the substance player (it’s free). :slight_smile:
You can find it over here :