bit of cash to spend on my rig

Hi guys so since i have 4 children its very rare i get a chance to upgrade my rig … So i have a very limited budget of £100 to spend and i am struggling to figure out the best way to go in terms of an upgrade which is geared towards game dev … My current setup i built in late 2015 for a little under £400 And has the following specs

I5 6500
gtx 760 2gb
8gb ddr4
2x 500 gb hdds for storage
1x 120gb sandisk ssd for os and few programs
2x generic mis sized monitors
500 watt psu evga white

So my first thought was to grab another 8 gb ddr4 for £67 giving me a more respectable 16gb ram… But i sometimes use my tv as a third monitor and the extra workspace is great what are your guys thoughts on my upgrade options i would love to buy a new gpu but that is out of the question at the moment as my gtx 760 is at a point where it would cost a good amount of money to provide any kind of upgrade … any ideas guys??

I’d say sit on your money, save, and wait a minute. amd is supposed to be coming out with some pretty solid cards soon, which should drop overall prices again. Looks like some big advances are on the way. 8k resolution is in the works too. I think the 1060s are around 200-250 now and I’m thinking the 1070s will be there in about 6 months. Just a theory :slight_smile:

Maybe first and foremost, is RAM - upgrade it to 16GB.
Your GPU while is no in the high-end range, it is quite ok. I have notebook with Nvidia 860m, it is not bad either and I have nothing to complain.
If you still have cash, maybe buy another SSD. Put everything in the SSD - all UE4 binary files, Visual Studio installation and also your UE4 content.

Hi i went ahead and got the extra 8gb ram but i also got an hdmi to vga adaptor giving me acess to another pc monitor instead of having to use my tv(i have old monitors lol)

wait for war between amd and intel it just starts but soon they undercut each other. Meantime just save up. I think next Christmas will be interesting.