Bit of a slump. Cant solve Water Racing game approach issue

Hi, I have hit a bit of a wall in my quest to create a game as a relatively new Unreal Engine user. I’m stuck in a slump and I don’t see any resources online on what I’m trying to achieve. My game concept is an arcade racer in water with non realistic speedboats.

I have been studying and testing implementing gerstner waves with varying degrees of intensity via the Water Physics plugin which deals with buoyancy, mass, pontoons and other physics elements.

The Big issue: I am aiming for an arcade racer game with precise controls. When dealing with physics, buoyancy etc. at high speeds you bump into waves and lose control very easily.

I still want to have a bit of swaying back and forth with waves while allowing the player to have better control over the boat.

I thought, why not fake the physics instead and allow the player to go through waves relatively unphased while still having some sway and movement for bigger waves(kind of like faking the physics a bit while letting the player race the track with very precise controls like a normal arcade racer.)

I still want the game to be in water, have high speed and have a bit of sway from waves but not realistic where the boat crashes onto waves or flips all over the place.

I was wondering about ideas, suggestions, advice, brainstorming, anything on implementation methods that more experienced devs might have. I greatly appreciate any help as this is a passion project of mine.