Bit of a cockup asking UT gamers to join the same forums for UE devs?

Yeah, probably a good lesson to learn here for everyone :slight_smile: don’t mix gamers and game developers in the same forums, the audiences are quite quite different.

Seeing a plethora of Unreal Tournament posts coming across the forums is kind of funny but still it is likely to cause more moderation work than if it had been a separate forum entirely.

Its also kind of funny to watch how many UT players can’t seem to read forum topics to discern where to post, so maybe Epic should have a new forum setup for them so that it is easier for them to find the right place?

Others have suggested that the twitch dev stream is likely not the right place for UT discussions and I’d definitely echo that sentiment. Different audience, different requirements and not very useful for one audience to hear talk aimed at the other. I doubt anyone wanting an UT game to play has much interest in if blueprint functions are working etc :slight_smile:

maybe putting the UT stuff into its own subforum like before might have been better, there would have been less confusion about where things should have been posted…ect.

There are pros and cons with both solutions. Initially I really disliked Epic’s decision to have a joint forum. But things are already starting to settle down I think. Yesterday, half of the threads in the Engine boards were stray UT threads. Now it’s only a few.

I think, once the wave of enthusiastic gamers disappears, who have no intention to contribute to the project, we will mostly have regulars who can tell apart the UT and UE boards. And at that point, it’ll be more convenient to have both topics on the same forum, since a large part of the communities will probably be the same.

I agree with Bajee, we should see it settle down.

My concern now is that need to have the ability to search on UT and UE forums separately. Try searching “menu” at the moment and you get swamped with UT “make the menu kewlz” posts instead of “UE4 menu creation discussion” posts.

You can search the forums separately in the Advanced Search menu.

This. Having a low signal to noise ratio is unproductive, but it must be encouraging to see a demonstration of just how much love and passion people have for Unreal Tournament. Some of the debates (especially about UT99 v. UT 2004 movement and game play) are going to become heated and sometimes full of vitriol, but it’s really just an expression of people’s enthusiasm for the game.