Bit Flags in Blueprints

Ok, so in this project that I am working on I would love to use bitflags but I’m not sure how to go about doing that. The idea is that I need to be able to tell if a monster can fight in the air, water, land, or any combination of those.

I want to store all information about the different types of monsters in a data table filled with structs. So within the struct I need some way to store their terrain preferences in combat. I.e. 001 is land combat, 011 is land and water, or 101 is air and land.

In C++ it would be a very different matter, but we’re just doing prototyping in Blueprints right now and don’t want to jump into that yet.

It is quite straight forward, just have a look at the docs
it is simple as ticking the “bitmask” box in an enum with you air,water,land and an integer

Right but then, for that integer the article mentions, can I put that in a struct? When you add an integer to a struct you aren’t able to check that bitmask checkbox.