Birds of War - Multiplayer Helicopter Battle Game

Hi everyone, this is something I am currently working in my spare time, I would appreciate any feedback:


  • Six-Degree-of-Freedom Combat Style
  • Multiplayer (Team-based)
  • Team Deathmatch Game Mode
  • Realistic physics
  • Projectile weapons (bullet drop)
  • Play Against BOTs

The main focus is multiplayer and six-degree-of-freedom combat style, right now it has only LAN support and I’m also planning to make it fully integrated with Steam or another game service in the future. I recently added some very basic flying AI:](

PS.: I’ve never worked in the game industry, but I always loved coding and playing games, so I’ve decided start doing something related to it in my spare time.
There is just me developing it, getting free resources out there and learning as much as possible about the UE4 Game Framework.

My best wishes to your project (and projects after that, perhaps)! I myself just last year started to poke UE4 engine, and I like, as I call them - “Cockpit Games”, so your project also fits my range of interests :wink:

Thank you!! Yeah man, UE4 is great. This is my first game… I started coding in ue4 just to keep up to date with Modern C++ … then I got interested in learning how ue4 network architecture works, one thing lead to another and then this game happened.