Biplane Ace :: Android Game

Hi, I just released my game! Biplane Ace!

There are some problems still, the leader boards don’t appear to be working and I haven’t made any sound for it, never the less, it has been released and is available for download on google play.

The leader-board issue should be fixed today or tomorrow, and I’ll get sound some time after that.

It took me a bit over a month to make this game from first subscribing to UE4, so the project has really been all about getting all bases covered with UE4.

Well done, curious, is that landscape or static mesh?

Using UE4 for that is overkill.


Static mesh, I found doing it that way to be a lot faster, there are still bugs and problems I forgot when making the game, currently there is no sound, and hopefully I have the leaderboards fixed now, but I need to wait for google (I hate them so much) to publish the update.

There is also a video now.

Nice job Neurocase! Very simple yet fun looking game. Keep up posted on how your update goes!

Is there any real reason for it to be 160MB? The apk is huge!

I think most apk sizes with 3d content and unreal are min of 160MB If I am correct Epic are working on fixing the size’s But now days 160meg is really a decent size for a 3d game. Ive had to download 400-600meg for some games.