Biped retargeting not working


i have created/rigged/skinned my own character, and my goal is to use the 3rd person template animation blueprint.

so i need to retarget the animation/skeleton of the epic skeleton into my character biped.

i followed the doc/forum/guides but it’s not working properly, there’s always the head moving to the pelvis position, the legs/arms are moving differently than the standard 3rd person template animation.

i need to know if someone could re-target a biped into the epic skeleton, and how to do that properly ?

Hi MAkinNA_itmk,

Please post an image of your skeleton, including the hierarchy, as well as the bone to bone assigning as described in the following documentation:
[Retargeting Different Skeletons][1]

Example: In the following image no bones have been retargeted yet:


IMPORTANT: Be sure to Select Rig, “Humanoid” for both your skeleton and the Mannequin skeleton you are targeting.

Hi MAkinNA_itmk,

Since you haven’t responded in a couple of days, I am marking this post ‘resolved’ for tracking purposes. However, if you are still having a problem, please respond with the requested image/information and I’ll continue to try and help you resolve the issue. From the description of the issue, it sounds as if the bones from your biped are being targeted to the wrong bones of the UE4 mannequin (For instnace, a leg bone being targeted to an arm bone.) -this is why I requested an image like the example above, to see if this is indeed the case.