BioSynth: Rising - a Sci-Fi classic RPG

Hi everyone!

BioSynth: Rising is a classic RPG with turn-based combat, in a Sci-Fi setting. I’ve been developing it in UE 4.26 together with a small team for almost a year.

The Kickstarter:
The website:

There’s a deep strategic combat. Lots of castable skills, enemies with different AIs, environmental interactions, verticality and party composition: all of these help in having a complex and fun combat system.

But it isn’t just about combat. In fact, there are branched dialogs (with many hidden answers), lots of quests and a reputation system.

This is just a glimpse at the game. In the following days, I’ll share more.

Of course, if you have any question, I’ll be happy to answer.

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Today we published a video where you can better see the combat system in BioSynth: Rising.
It’s a deep strategic combat system… and in the video below you can see what it’ll look like in the early levels of the game:

As the player progresses, he/she will enjoy more complex combats, thanks to lots of details:

  • Many castable skills
  • Different AIs for the enemies
  • Verticality and a variety of battlegrounds
  • Environmental interactions
  • Many possible party compositions (both yours and your enemies’one)

In the end, it’s a fun combat experience.


Hi guys, wanted to share some of the models we’re creating for the game.

One of these is a dressed version of the robots you could see in the previous video.

In case you’re wondering: yes, there will be a ton of robots in the game. And according to the lore we created for the game, they aren’t just machines: they have a free will, can feel emotions and got their own sense of style (that’s why you see dressed robots).