Bioshock on Unreal Engine 4 (WIP)

I have always really loved the Bioshock series…
As such, I felt it necessary to port over some of the original 2007 assets and remake a small bit of rapture using UE4.
The textures and meshes are untouched from their original state, and have mostly been given the PBR treatment :slight_smile: Let me know what you think!

(P.S. I used the realistic render 4.1 preset as my base to work off of as well as used various other assets from unreal/custom assets.)

Depending on if it is wanted, I’d love to make some fun levels out of these textures and assets, then release them as a sort of showcase? :slight_smile:

Bravo! I’m in searching for the same assets from Bio Shock.
Hope that sometime in the future there will be something…

Woah! I got an article written about it :smiley:

That was fast haha!

DAT LIGHTING! I mean, really good job!

Well guy, what is your further plans? Any gameplay?

Absolutely fantastic! As stated previously, loved the lighting.

To Dezzzus

Not sure yet :slight_smile: Was thinking of porting out the whole first section of Welcome to Rapture, and include some of the basic elements for realism (like things that react to you or splicers that can do basic anims maybe?). Issue is that the characters have no anims, so I’d have to rekeyframe them like I did for the big daddy in the vid.

Also, question: Is it legal to put the .exe for the little showcase room used in my video (no profit of course)? It’d be fun to optimize it and have people see it in their native resolution. Thoughts?

Thats something you’ll have to take up with the developers of Bioshock. Considering you’re using assets from the game, and not everyone who downloads it will have owned a copy of it, you might run into some trouble. But you won’t know for sure until you contact them. Better safe than sorry in a situation like this, and you’ve already been put into the spotlight so even more reason to play it safe.

no he wont… hes not making money out of it.

Still a courtesy to ask. But who do I? Irrational is gone. 2k?

This is on a whole new level of what is shown in the WIP sections. I mean Holy @#%$!

It doesn’t matter if he’s making money or not, he would be releasing assets that are only obtainable through a copy of the Bioshock game. If he didn’t extract the assets from the game, he wouldn’t have to worry much about releasing a scene. But considering he did, he will. You might want to do a bit of research before handing out bad advice. The developer retains the right to decide whether or not they’re ok with someone ripping content from a commercial game and making it available for free to the public. It’s one thing to display it in a video, but another to put it up for download.

They put this up on Engadget -

Wow, this is great. If you search bioshock this is in the news section of google. Congrats!

Thanks ^o^ surprised at all the fuss since I only spent a few days piecing it together… Still, i’m not complaining! I counted 19 articles so far (US and Foreign)… blows my mind :smiley:

This looks incredible.

Very cool, I would love to play this on UE4.

Trying my best to recreate a similar glass effect as seen in your video. Any way you could give some insight into the material being used? Thanks and great work :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t it be nice that when UT4 got released you could make a Bioshock inspired map? :slight_smile: Anyway love your work!

Looks very good!! Getting a lot of press too :smiley: