Bioshock: Medical Pavilion in UE4

A project I’ve been working on for my course, it’s a recreation of Bioshock 1’s Medical Pavilion level, in UE4 of course!
I modeled and textured all assets, aside from the foliage and some original Bioshock artwork such as the posters and vending machine decals.

[screenshot][/screenshot] [screenshot][/screenshot]
[screenshot][/screenshot] [screenshot][/screenshot]

There’s more screenshots and some development pictures on my website
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10/10 - would rate again

Wow, truly a work of art, perfect recreation of one of the most creative first person shooters I have ever played.

Flawless! Congratulations!

Really gorgeous, gg :wink:
Now do something new and original with your own style, i can’t wait to see it :wink:

lovely ! its awesom, Bioshock is the best game.

Morning Rossrox,

This looks really great! Awesome work!
I wonder if you can package this up and maybe we can all have a stroll around Rapture’s medical pavillion?!.. what ya think?



Looks great!

Wonderful work! I especially love the slight bevel/bump map on the tiles up stairs, incredible detail! It’s the little things!

This is Great.
I’m making the game Rest House based on the Bioshock series. You made it! Congratulations!!!

Woow great looking. Good memories :slight_smile:

Absolutely stunning! For me, probably the best game I’ve ever played, or at least in the top 5.

Nice work. The Medical Pavilion was one of the levels I worked on as an environment artist while at Irrational and when I saw the daily screenshot on the UE4 marketplace, I thought it was the original.

Absolutely Beautiful

Thanks for all the comments guys :slight_smile: