Bioshock-esk Audio logs

Hi guys!

I’m making a survival horror game and would like to use Audio logs similar to those collected in the Bioshock series

Is this possible through Blueprint? Or would it require special coding through C++?

It’s certainly possible in BP. Right-click in empty space in a blueprint and type audio and you’ll see lots of functions to work with sounds. Also look into UMG for making a nice UI to go with it.
Here’s a link to the docs on audio:

One request, when you get it working don’t make me stay in a menu to listen to it. Hate when games do that. :slight_smile:

Thanks! And I’ll make sure to do that!

check this out ->

I would make the log contain the audio asset. The core functionality would be in the player. When you hit an audio log, you could store the value in the player blueprint. When they hit a key, then you could play the asset.