Biopoiesis (biopunk game)

Biopoiesis is an adventure game set in a biopunk future.

The decaying space colonies, connected with a network of artificial wormholes, struggle to survive after the technogenic destruction of Earth.

The cataclysm destroyed centralized mainframes on Earth that performed massive computations required for genetical engineering. Colonists now rely on selection and crossbreeding of deteriorating biomechanisms, unable to restore critical technologies.
Diverse descends of the human race, genetically modified to better suite their new extraterrestrial environments, have began to forget their common legacy.

The protagonist, a young technosurgeon named Danio, discovers the network of long lost ancient labs, where genetic modifications and biotechnologies were developed and implemented during the first steps of the colonization.

Explore the network of laboratories set on different planets and in outer space, interact with eerie biomechanical chimeras, discover the forgotten origins and choose the future for all descends of the humankind.