BIONICLE Fan Game needs developers!

Hi there! I’m ASCII, the Project Lead for BIONILCE: Masks of Power, a fan game centered around LEGO’s 2001 theme!

We recently dropped our reveal Teaser here: BIONICLE: Masks of Power Environmental Teaser (Coming to Steam) - YouTube

We are looking to round out the team with some more designers as we tackle the island of Mata Nui!

We need:

Niagara VFX designers - BMOP has a slew of elements, weather, and powers that need stunning and consistent VFX systems, optimized for a range of machines and quality settings.

BP/C++ programmers - While the core systems are nearing completion, the team doesn’t have enough dedicated programmers to help test and implement primary and secondary game systems.
We are using GAS and a few custom and Marketplace plugins to help accomplish our vision.

Level Designers - The world of Mata Nui is diverse, large, and detailed, and requires a good number of skilled level designers to take the many areas of the island through each stage of development according to plan.

Concept Artists/ Concept Lead - To help the level design process, we need skilled Environment Concept artists to help give a visual goal to achieve for each area; along with creating new and interesting props and locations.

If you want to volunteer for this project (as it is a free fan game), please apply here: Application Form