Biolab Studios

Biolab Studios.
Founded 2017
Newly founded gaming studio looking for game design minded individuals to work on new projects. Biolab Studios will be designing and producing several style of games from single player to multiplayer MMO sandbox, which includes the current project Zerotopia. a medieval fantasy sandbox MMO social survival game.

PC/ PS4 formats.
Flexible pay and hours.
Work from home or personal office.
Must be able to use or have some knowledge in the use of Perforce software.

All skill sets needed.
Please contact:
or leave a commit in this post with your contact info.

Need Now:
Contractor with knowledge in 3D mesh for game assets design.
Contractor with knowledge in clothing and armor design

I could help you with:

  • Music Composition
  • Blueprints Programming (3 years of experience)

Could you please return to me here in the thread? I will then give you my contact info. What do you prefer: Skype or Discord?

Have a great day,
Josef Leventon

Sorry, I donā€™t have experience in 3D meshes or clothing!

Message sent. Feel free to check out my portfolio as well:

Hey hey, we have a bunch of experience with cloth and non-cloth modular armor outfits so I would love to chat

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This thread has clearly been necroed by spam bots. :slight_smile:

Hi there!

We are a small team of UE4 developers and 3d Artists. We can help you with your project.
Some of our previous projects here:


I can help with3D Assets and characters! If you are still currently looking!
Here is my Portfolio: ArtStation - Tyler Hinthorne
And my LinkedIn:

Email: [EMAIL=ā€œthinthorne@msn.comā€]

Tyler Hinthorne