Bio Horror: Gliomorph

Bio Horror: Gliomorph is a humanoid horror creature with an alien, fungal, biomech aesthetic. It can fit a wide variety of settings. Available for purchase now.…rror-gliomorph

Looks really good imo, demonic styles are welcome. Is this the first of an series and what is meant with “G” ??

Creepy as hell ! Great char , gg :wink: Curious about the texture…

Could propably the wrong section. :wink:

I’ve blocked out the textures and vertex weights. Brought it into UE4 for a quick look at how things are coming together.

Here’s another screenshot with updated textures and set in SE_JonF’s Modular SciFi: Engineer Hall.

I’ve settled on the name Gliomorph for the character. The project name will be “Bio-Horror Gliomorph.”

I’ll be submitting soon. Check out my master thread for info on all my projects.

Price tag, power of 2??

my suggestion is that you could make a series or bunch of these characters and i have personally an use for it.

ps: dont use symmetry to much make it side by side differently for more natural look. Or it is an suit like warframe, add special’s.

I have concept for a female-ish variant drawn up and will start work on it soon. It will have more asymmetry.
Good news is, this one is released and available for purchase.

So damn beautiful… congrats!!