Binoculars with LOD loading

Hi, ive made a basic binocular blueprint which zooms in and out etc. However, i’d like it to show the grass and trees etc in detail when zoomed in. Currently the grass doesn’t load in when i zoom and the trees are at the lowest LOD level (im using nanite). How should I approach this?


The camera needs to get close to the objects. So, you binocs need a camera in them :slight_smile:

I have a camera in the binoculars. I’m currently just changing the FOV to create the zoom effect, but I dont think moving the camera forward would work very well

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Well, that’s why they’re not changing LOD… :slight_smile:

Something you could try… is a line trace from the binocs and change the for LOD level for the actor you’re looking at. I think it will look weird, but…

Another is, zoom in with the camera, but also change FOV, and use a post process to make it look different.