Where is that bink2 converter? I downloaded rad game tools (from google) and it says I need a license to make bink2 videos that unreal4 bink plugin requires?
Also, where is that github download ?
Where is the documentation on making bink videos?

Same questions here…

With a little help I’ve located it. As of 7-Oct the encoder and doco doesn’t seem to be coming down in launcher builds. If you pull a regular UE source build from GitHub and run Setup the encoder will show up in “Engine\Binaries\ThirdParty\Bink” and the PDF will be under “Plugins\Media\Bink”

Thanks. I’m not “pulling” 20 GB for some 100 MB tool.

Its built into the ue5/4 license for free. Also you shouldnt use bink, it was useful when it was released back in the late 90s, where it was get screwed over by h.263 licensing cost or make your own. But that was 22 years ago. There is bink2, but VP9 is still better in every single possible way, especially compression ratio, as an extra bonus its not burdened by any licensing bs if you step outside unreal. The only downside is a sharp increase in performance requirements, but were talking about video here, a 10 year old smartphone can handle most cutscenes. If your worried about framerate, VP8 will do the trick.

Found the Bink in “Engine\Binaries\ThirdParty\Bink” folder and it is in a regular 4.27.1 (downloaded from Epic launcher), no need to download source build from GitHub. Really good compression. Thanks again.

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