binding to the (-) minus key (next to delete)

On the project action mappings (and trying to bind directly on the blue print), there is only an option to bind to NUM - (which is the square number pad minus), there doesn’t seem to be an options to bind to the - next to the delete key

I’ve tested it, by binding to NUM -, and it works only for the minus on the numerical pad, not the one next to delete

I don’t know about you, but I always use these for zooming out (or mouse scroll … but I’m currently using a touch pad), + and - are user friendly additional options to zoom in and out for most games

I have had a search around, and only found people with the same problem as me, but no solutions:

So, what am I missing, other than brains?

  • ps, the moderation on this forum is a bit crazy, when does it stop? Thankfully the product is amazing, so worth the wait for answers

I guess the keys I want to bind to are really

  • and =
    (or with shift _ and +) … I’m on a uk keyboard

but either way I cant find a way of binding to - (or with shift _)

Are you using a mac or so? Because on a normal keyboard there is no minus next to delete…


PC, but not that delete, its also called backspace

you have a string of numbers at the top of querty, then the last three are - = [delete/backspace]



after a bit of trial and error, I found the key event for the minus key, it’s called hyphen … if that helps anyone in the future (should have guessed really, dow!)

Well just as a tip - if you have problems with some key you can easily make a function to display the (UE4) value for it. In some blueprint add an override “on key down event”, pipe that to a “key get display name” and that to a “Print string”. That way you can type any (valid for UE4) key and see what UE4 labels that key. :slight_smile: