binding text to umg from data table. How do i list all the rows?

So i am creating a dynamic button list that is driven by a data table. The first of several issues i’m having (so there may be more questions) is how can i output all the row names rather than just specifying 1? I’ve created a binding that looks at the data table and outputs the text to the button. But i can only get it to work with either a set integer for the row name or a random integer to populate the list of buttons. Any ideas? I’ve attached where i’m at.
If i change the integer value on the"get" node it changes the row name that is outputted to the button list. Any help greatly appreciated as ever…

how can i output all the row names
rather than just specifying 1?

Not sure if I follow, the GetDataTableRowNames does return the array of all names already. Iteration is done in a loop:


Hi, and thanks… I tried that. I have a feeling i may have an issue with my data table as when i use a loop, it either outputs the first name or no name at all. Am currently checking the original csv file to check the formatting of the rows etc is correct.
The loop should work though as i understood it too.

Do note that if you connect the LoopBody to the function’s return node, the loop will retrieve the very first element only and then exit without finishing its iteration.

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Ah ok… Well i have been doing that… I think i am on a path to getting this to work now… But thanks. I shall definately keep asking questions… Love the idea of data driven game play. It’s a bit geeky, but i love it… so much potential.

@Everyone, you were right about using the for loop. I had that previously but i wasn’t calling a function correctly which mean’t i was getting the wrong naming

Cool. Glad you have it working.