Binding OnClicked Event to dynamic component doesn't work [RESOLVED]

I have a bp actor with procedual mesh compnent that create collision to all procedual mesh vertice and I want to bind onclicked event to each of collision


I find the answer here:**…ch-not-working

**Steps taken to resolve:

  • Go to project settings > Engine > Input > UNCHECK Use mouse for touch.
  • Create new Player Controller/open current and CHECK Enable Click Events, Enable Touch Events,
    Enable Mouse Over Events, Enable Touch Over Events.
  • Under Collision for the object you want clickable VISIBILITY must be set to BLOCK.

Make sure if you have to make a new game mode or player controller that you set those as default.


Hello. I see you are using Bind Event to on Clicked. Do you know the sollution to this problem: Unreal 4 actor object reference is not compatible with button object reference