Binding Event doesn't work, it gives me an error

i’m trying to bind an event to an event dispatcher inside my widget blueprint, but for whatever reason it gives me an error saying access none trying to read property, the MainMEnu variable I’m using is not null bcz i tested it with a is valid node and the is valid fired, so what is the problem here?

Annotation 2021-08-09 231527

If you’re trying to bind to a widget, it needs to exist for the bind and later.

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the widgets gets created in begin play if that’s what u mean

So you create the widget, and set the MainMenu variable to reference it?

well technically yes, it’s not created in the same blueprint but i get reference to it via HUD class.
Annotation 2021-08-10 003844

Far right hand end of the error, click it and it will take you to the offending node. If it says it’s null, it is ( at that time ), no matter what you think :wink: