Binding C++ functions to UMG buttons

Why do I have to create blueprint event wrapper for something simple like event that is triggered on button press in UMG widgets?

In most of the UI widgets, there’s “bind” function available which allows me to pick function I need via dropdown list.
However, in case of button event for some reason I’m being sent into blueprint editor and have to manually connect things there.

Would be nice to have this fixed and have dropdown button, similar to data bind functions, for UMG buttons to.

I don’t mind marking relevant methods as UFUNCTION, but I’d rather not be sent into blueprint editor for no good reason.

+1, this would be quite nice actually. A lot of the time I just create the event and plug it straight into the C++ node.

Is this still the case? If so, +1 again. I’m doing this all the time.

Yeah we could probably add this, right now we get by on using the blueprint compiler graph to hook these up. The Bind[ings] go through a completely different path designed for single point Delegate hooking. A new management path would need to be added to maintain the list of the bindings for these multicast events and hooked up separately from the blueprint compiled version, or maybe I can some how include them in the compiled blueprint and append them - requires investigation.

So this seems doable, but isn’t a high priority for me. Open to pull requests :slight_smile: