BindAxis release

hi I’ve got this piece of code which works fine, its calls the MoveForward function when I hold down the axis.

InputComponent->BindAxis(“MoveForward”, this, &ABlitzBattalionCharacter::MoveForward);

but I want to create a function that gets called when the axis is no longer being pressed, so the axis equivalent of BindAction(“Button”, IE_Released

There is really no concept or releasing an axis. Your best bet is to test in your MoveForward function when the value goes to 0.

It is not the way how axis works. You can’t release or press axis.
Event binded to Axis is being called every frame, it is not binded to buttons, buttons only changes the axis value
If you have not noticed - you can use data from axis even without calling this event
Just use Actions for this matter or setup custom events. InputAxis is a different beast