BindAxis from ACharacter to UObject

On my ACharacter I’m instantiating a new UObject:
basicECU = NewObject();

And then I want to bind the axis and actions from the InputComponent to it, so I have:
InputComponent->BindAxis(“Gas”, basicECU, &UBasicECU::Gas);
InputComponent->BindAxis(“Steer”, basicECU, &UBasicECU::Steer);
InputComponent->BindAxis(“Strafe”, basicECU, &UBasicECU::Strafe);

	InputComponent->BindAction("Afterburner", EInputEvent::IE_Pressed, basicECU, &UBasicECU::AfterburnStart);
	InputComponent->BindAction("Afterburner", EInputEvent::IE_Released, basicECU, &UBasicECU::AfterburnStop);

	InputComponent->BindAction("RollRight", EInputEvent::IE_Pressed, basicECU, &UBasicECU::RollRight);
	InputComponent->BindAction("RollLeft", EInputEvent::IE_Pressed, basicECU, &UBasicECU::RollLeft);

…But this makes the editor crash as soon as the first bind gets called.

Crash Error would be helpfull. I can only guess here but I assume your Object got garbage Collected. Did you make your UObject a UPROPERTY? Aside from that what does your Object creation exactly look like?

basicECU = NewObject<UBasicECU>();

After adding the UPROPERTY() to the header, I get a EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (this was nullptr) whenever other functions try to access the ecu: (Basically fails earlier, when setting up some values, before binding input actions)

//Declaration on header

	UBasicECU * basicECU;

On that function:

void UBasicECU::SetGear(int Index) {
	selectedGear = Index;

It’s declared as

class OBAN_API UBasicECU : public UObject


	AWhizzingArrowCharacter * pawnRef;

	float gasPressure = 0;
	float strafe = 0;
	float steer = 0;

	float afterBurnerMultiplier = 1;
	float isCurrentlyRolling = false;

	int selectedGear = 1;
	float gears[3] = { 0.1,0,1 };

	FRotator normalAlignedRotation;

	void SetCharacter(AWhizzingArrowCharacter * pawnRef);

	void tick(float ds);

	void Gas(float AxisValue);

	void Strafe(float AxisValue);
	void Steer(float AxisValue);

	void AfterburnStart();
	void AfterburnStop();

	void RollLeft();
	void RollRight();

	void SetGear(int Index);