BindAction IntelliSense

Hi, I am following a C++/Unreal course and I’m learnig about the UInputComponent::BindAction method described here
I included Components/InputComponent.h in my .cpp file since it’s the reference header for that method but I can’t get IntelliSense to work on it. The method works fine in my Unreal project but Visual Studio fails to recognize it.
Is there any specific reason I should look into to solve this issue?
I am using Unreal Engine 4.16 with Visual Studio 2017 15.2

I’ll link you to my standard Intellisense Sucks response

If you compile successfully, Intellisense should start picking it up (it gets confused easily). Otherwise try something like Visual Assist X

EDIT: Jamsh beat me to it. :slight_smile:

Oh, I see. I used Xcode for months and I remember him having a pretty good autocomplete function. I didn’t expected VisualStudio to have this kind of issue but at least now I know I wasn’t doing anything wrong.
Thanks guys, I’ll look into Visual Assist :wink: