BindAbilityActivation crashing UE4

Hi Guys,

I’m currently playing around with the gameplay ability system that Unreal has. I’ve been following along with this

But it seems that unreal crashes whenever I try to bind ability activation to the input component, specifically

I know that the ability system is created, and i’ve followed along with the rest of the initialization in begin play which works fine. I can also use try activate ability by class on the ability system, which works fine.

Here is the begin play:

Hi Cd1232,

Do you have an enum in your game called AbilityInput that is marked with UENUM? If not, then the ability system will crash when attempting to access that enum.

Hi Cd1232,

I don’t believe that the reflection system will pick up on enums defined in CPP files. If you move that enum to a header, do you still get the crash? (Also, as a side note, enums in Unreal are supposed to begin with E.)

You’re absolutely right, in fact after i sent this reply I checked to see where enums go and it was the .h. That fixed it, thanks!

Yeah I have this in a separate class