Bind Value UMG / Progressbar

First i want to thank you guys for this great 4.4 update!

Binding a value to a text in UMG works fine for me, but binding a value to a progressbar does not work.

Even if i set a static value to the progressbar, it does not get updated.

Is this a known error?

Is your binding called? if you put a print text inside is it being printed? Make sure the value returned is 0…1.

why did you close this as resolved?
if this is an answerhub, how can you answer this with a question and mark it as resolved?
you even didn’t answer my question:

Is this a known error?

you epic guys were usually very creative and helpful!

the progressbar is not getting updated, as i said before, text works but not the progressbar.
my float is between 0.0f and 1.0f
so this question is not resolved!

by closing this, you avoid me getting more answers which makes this answerhub useless. i will wait some days and if i still have no answers here after that i will create the same question again which hopefully get resolved first and and closed after a working resolution has been found!

anyways i am very thankful for the 4.4 update and any answer!

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No it’s not a known issue. Try and bind it to a property instead of a function. For the function attempt to execute the print string blueprint node and see if anything is printed. Also double-check that the binding is hooked up to the progress property on the widget in the details view.

If removing the binding and setting it to a static value does not work, make sure there isn’t something wrong with the style, like null or transparent texture as the progress bar texture in the style.

Hi ,

I am marking this as accepted for tracking purposes. When you are ready to continue, please respond with the information has requested and we will be happy to further assist.