Bind Event to OnAnimationFinished Error Code (Event dispatcher is not "blueprintassignable")


I am very new to Unreal Engine and the Blueprint editor and wanted to start off making games by altering other’s codes and templates.

However, as I tried to test play a template with running, shooting, crouching, etc., there is a compiler error in the HUD Widget Blueprint. I tried my best looking the error code on google, but found nothing.

Error code: Event dispatcher is not “blueprintassignable”

You’re getting dispatchers mixed up with custom events. At a rough guess, I’d say you don’t need dispatcher code in your widget, what are you trying to do?

Thanks for replying. As I have mentioned, I’m pretty new to the platform; I’m still trying to figure out how the blueprint works. I’ll try to dig a bit further.

No worries, of course. If you give me an idea what you’re attempting, I’ll show you a method…

In the meantime, here’s a good vid about dispatchers ( and binding ):

Appreciate it!

Well I have the same problem plus same code what can I replace?

What are you trying to do?