Bind event not compiling in blueprints


I a new to Unreal development. I’m using blueprints for my AI and I hope you can point me in the right direction for my problem.

I work with an AIPerception Component.
When I bind a custom event to the OnTargetPerceptionUpdated event dispatcher → it compiles.
When I bind a custom event to the OnTargetUpdated event dispatcher → it doesn’t compile and gives me the message “Event signature error. Function not compatible”.

Is this a bug in the engine ? Or is there a concept I don’t get ?

ue version : 4.10.3 on windows

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What type of array argument is?

It is an array of Actor.

It is super easy to reproduce :
I created the custom event with a simple drag and drop from the “Bind Event to OnPerceptionUpdated” box.

I am getting this too, except the parameter is an array of uclass pointers. my delegate declaration: Screenshot - a6ec9e8273fb4d97d431d6994eb8b67d - Gyazo

I believe the problem here is blueprints use references, so the fix would be to change the delegate parameter type from




However, this introduces another error, because delegate parameters must be const. again, there is a simple fix for this:

const TArray<AActor*>&

So for example, my final delegate declaration is this:

DECLARE_DYNAMIC_MULTICAST_DELEGATE_OneParam(FSelectionChanged, const TArray<UClass*>&, SelectedUnits);

Hope this helps,