Bind Event in Construntion script


I am trying to add component in blueprint object’s construction script, but i also need to bind event to this component.

But how? I cant do that…

Because i cant connect anything to the Event switch (window similar like on the screen - but its not exactly my screen) and without it it doesnt work.

I can pin in it Create event, however then there is Select function dropdown and i cant select anything - i tried to add blueprint function to be selected in this dropdown, but that doesnt work. I also tried on tab Event graph define Custom event to connect it, but that doesnt work too.

Second solution could be

Attach as component some my blueprint component, where i know, how to manage events.

But how to attach any custom component? It seems to me, that Add ChildActorComponent with custom class could be used, but i dont see the pin for the custom class there :/.

Thank you

As for the second solution, i found it :slight_smile: The class is not in the blueprint window with pins, but it is in the detail window of that window. Like on the screen.