Bind action to mobile Swipe left and right


I have a problem on a game Im trying to develop since 7 days now and Im not even close to find the first step of the indication that could lead to a solution :slight_smile:

I should say its my first question in the answerhub so sorry if this questions has alreadu being asked.

I should also say that Im a total noob in UE4 and maybe my question will be idiot for you so sorry too.

Im developping an infinite runner and on desktop I succeeded in binding an action on pressing a key ( see the img below) . So on pressing Q = I launch and animation and the character goes on the left, On pressing D same thing on the right.

So I want to do the same thing on swipe gesture left and right. Tried a lot of things without any success, even bought Ultimate Touch Components from the marketplace. And nothing ! Not a clue :slight_smile:

Any help will be much appreciated ! Just putting me in the right direction will be great.

Thx in advance for the help

EDIT : tried to do it with the virtual gamepad = Nothing

PS: sorry for my english its my 3rd language

If it can help anybody, I’ve found the solution thanks to Accrosfy from Ultimate Touch Components

Using his BP solution I have added a call to the C++ function that trigger the behavior that I needed, see the BP below :