BIMmotion crashes when trying to open

I have made a model in TwinMotion and everything looks fine and works fine in there. When I export it as a BIMmotion the executable crashes when trying to open. Has anyone experienced this?

The only problem I could see is that the final package is very big (4gb), but as I said, everything is running fine in TwinMotion.

It was a sick file. I removed it and now it works. :slight_smile:

Hi Michael, I experienced the same issue as you. And i received the following error. But i cant seem to locate the problem.

I have the same issue. Please let me know where/how you found your sick file. I am going to start deleting my imports in order and reexporting until I find it. Literally deleting progress.

My Revit import was the guilty party, strangely enough I have BIMMotion exports from earlier versions that have the Revit import in them which work fine.

I deleted it and reimported it and so far appears to be working. All my applied textures will need to be reapplied, but at least its not crashing anymore!