BillBoards In AI controllers

I know how to use and setup billboards as I have them already working on a character BP.
But I’m trying to make the Billboard system I have setup more agnostic and not tied to a character BP and work directly from the AI controller.
I can add billboards in the AI controller and set them to visible in game,but they never display.
What Up with that?

Use material billboards, not sprite billboards.

Same deal!
If I place it in the character BP it shows.
If I place it only in the AI controller, It does not.
Strange that if it does not work in the AI controller that Im even allowed to add it.

Oh! I missed the ai controller part. It should be on the pawn that the ai possesses.

Its cool.
But for ref In case anyone else wants to try this.
I kind of solved it by adding material billboard component NODE in the AI controller to the possessed pawn pin and it added it to my character BP.
Thanks for trying to help :cool: