Billboard mouse events possible to use?


is it possible reacting to mouse (over/clicked/pressed/…) events for billboards or material billboards using blueprints?

I would like to use it as some sort of context based upgrade menu for objects under the mouse cursor.

Rendering the context menu as part of the game-GUI at the correct location might be an alternative solution (not tested yet).

Any solution/workaround/tip based on pure blueprint usage is very welcome :slight_smile:

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I’m trying to get this to work as well. I’m using billboards to represent grid cells in 3 dimensional space. I have a billboard in a blueprint and I’ve generated Clicked/Touched/CursorOver events for them. NOTHING is firing off though. I’ve made sure that my PlayerController is set up to receive mouse/touch input etc. Has anyone on the development staff had this work yet!??

Is there a special reason for not implementing a “trace by channel/class” based approach?

No, there is no “special” reason other than the fact that the billboard component has events that trigger off of the mouse. So, in theory, it should work and was wondering why it was not. I also asked if anyone on the dev team has it working.

God.It still not works! Even in 2020.