Billboard mouse events aren't working

Didn’t have much luck at the AnswerHub with this so I’ll give it a shot here.

I’m building (trying to anyway) a UI that is attached to my character. I wanted to use billboards for this. They always face the camera, I can add them as a blueprint component, they work perfectly for my purposes and it was extremely easy to get them set-up. So yeah, they work good. Well almost… Billboards aren’t registering mouse events and I don’t understand why. Several people have complained about the same thing and I haven’t seen an answer about it yet. Is this a bug? Why is it possible to add mouse events to them then?

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or not. Mouse events work fine elsewhere in my project…just not with billboards.

Any ideas?

If your billboard is in level or in a blueprint set in level, you can set a sphere at same place and use it for mouse events (with one parenting the other (i haven’t try the best but i suppose sphere is better parent) in blueprint and attached in level to be able to “get child”). I don’t know if the same is do able in umg /ui and how.