Billboard material for instanced foliage

I’m trying to create a always-camera-facing material for billboarding speedtrees using the foliage system.

I’ve been using this example as reference:

It works great for single static meshes, but for InstancedStaticMeshs it’s orientating the entire cluster toward the camera, rather than the individual foliage instances.

I know in the docs it states: “The Object World Position material node gives you the location of the InstancedFoliageActor in your level rather than the location of the individual instance. Instead of using Object World Position, use a Transform Position node transforming the constant 4-vector (0,0,0,1) from Local to World space. This will give the location of the individual instance in world coordinates.”

But I haven’t been able to get it to work with this custom node code.

Any ideas?

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did u find any solution for that? got the exact same issue right now

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