Billboard attached to instance static mesh

Hello, I’ve been trying to add a Billboard component to my actor, which is an InstanceStaticMesh.

For some reason, it’s not showing up.

I’m wondering if it something I’m doing or that Instance Static Mesh doesn’t support certain components being added to them?

Billboard = CreateDefaultSubobject<UBillboardComponent>(TEXT("Target"));
Billboard->LDMaxDrawDistance = 5000.0f;
Billboard->ScreenSize = 1.0f;
Billboard->Sprite = LoadTextureFromPath("/Game/Levels/Galaxy/Target");
Billboard->bHiddenInGame = false;
Billboard->bIsScreenSizeScaled = false;
Billboard->V = 112.75f;

Billboard->AttachToComponent(Star, FAttachmentTransformRules::KeepRelativeTransform);


Many thanks

Wait i was being a pleb.

I forgot to add


above my variable

UBillboardComponent* Billboard;

It now shows in the editor, but not on the screen :confused:



Any help would be appreciated.