Bigfoot, In-game resource map and guide

After playing Fortnite mobile on IOS for many months… it became obvious that supplies drop imbalance will always be an issue for me… I tried to use resource maps online but i have to constantly tab out of the game to look… It was really obnoxious to lose a game because someone gets the perfect weapon and wastes you…But with the release of the game on Android I started to work on something that can make the game more fair for everyone so here it is, took me a few weeks to do but i think its well worth it… it lets me see where all the supplies are on the in-game map on the fly… I didnt have time to name it so i just called it bigfoot( suggestions on naming it would be appreciated :D) I only made it for android because sadly i suck at developing IOS applications.

Just want to share with because im sure im not the only person who run into supplies issues, and hope this will help anyone who tries it. (This app will always be free with no ads, because its only purpose is to help the community and making app is one of my favorite things to do)