Big Worlds partition

Hi guys! Could you clarify some things about the level streaming, for example we have a large map - 4 sq. km. How to properly break it into sub-levels? - what are the cases when you need more lvl’s, and when can you get by with less?
For example, one of the criteria for partition is memory needed to hold loaded level with it’s content, if there is enough memory to load an entire streaming level, then there is no need to split it up. Are there any other criteria?

i also thought about shader complexity - with more levels you doesn’t need to draw complex land shader too far, the far distance will be level LODs, and the small level in which player is standing - is LOD0 with all its weight

sorry could not help with this.
Have no knowledge in this contest.](
thought would love to know about this.
Thank you

Also all related to Tick - lod levels obviously doesn’t tick ))

You don’t need to use level streaming if it’s 4 sq. km, that’s much lower than the limit, as long as you have LOD’s setup it should be fine

Im my case, I have a really small characters - like pixies, so there are alot of things happening on this 4 sq km’s
There are like 10 different types of land (desert, volcanic, forests…) and each type has 8 layers (grass, dirt, erosion, etc.) - of course i could place different materials on land components, but the shader complexity is pretty high and to draw this complexity miles ahead - i thought it would be a waste, on top of that there are also trees\foliage masks overdraw. Is there any way to reduce shader complexity\switch materials on landscape components based on distance or any other way to reduce it with distance on a single land tile?

Also what about memory usage for textures\static meshes(f.e. if i have a couple of towns like in Assassin’s Creed)- with level streaming all of it are being unloaded on the disck and it’s logic doesnt tick, and loads on demand,but with a single level - despite that they doesn’t renders (f.e. with culling) they still stays in memory if i’m not mistaken?

And FPS must be pretty high also - 60fps like in empty map of Landscape Mountains example - it’s no good

Ofk its all depends on what you want to achieve, but there are must be some common rules to choose the best scenario on how many levels you need and Options\Workflows to achieve the best possible performance for their loadin\unloading time\ hitching\etc…
Right now the best possible performance in my case is achieved with lvl streaming, but ofk the amount of work rises dramatically