Big space world?

Hy, Can somebody suggest me - how can I male big space world, and to be 100% functionally in all coordinates?

I turned of EnableWorldBounds, but now I dont know how engine can work with this bih world?


You can’t, you have to find some way of faking it to work in the limited space

is 5000 km maximum to be full functionally?

No, a map can only be up to 20km x 20km
numbers get too big when you get to large distances and it breaks the physics system and depth rendering. World Composition allows you to load multiple levels and shift the origin so that things can function, but that’s not really a solution for a space game

Ah, another chance to plug my little project :slight_smile:

So a single map can be 20x20km without any precision issues in multiplayer? I take it you would just be able to make 5x5 landscapes then at 4km each and let the engine stitch them together with level streaming? I was under the impression that things couldn’t be that large yet.

World Composition isn’t supported in multiplayer, most likely because players could be on separate tiles

I was under the impression only origin shifting wasn’t supported, and that world composition would work so long as it all fit in the same coordinate space.

Maybe, but I’m not sure what advantage world composition has if you aren’t trying to make a map larger than the 20km limit

I was under the impression origin shifting was necessary at around 4-5km or so, if that’s not the case then I guess it wouldn’t have one. The information surrounding the whole problem is kind of ambiguous since as far as I can tell, there hasn’t ever been an official statement on when you should really draw the line. The only information I have is from where he states the issue starts coming up at around 3km.

Is this on Marketplace? Thank you!

No, while off yet sorry.

Also, there are some pretty exciting projects in the same vein popping up from other people on the forum too, make sure you check them out as well:

Is this true? Can’t you just use this method with world comp?
“if you disable world origin shifting you can run a tiled world with a dedicated server. Dedicated servers will load all distance dependent levels, and each connected client will work as usual loading only level that satisfy streaming distance settings. A server holds a list of visible levels for each client and filters Actor replication by this list.”

Answered here

There are precision issues pretty close to the origin, like 1 km away (as noted here ) but it’s only apparent if you attach two skeletal meshes together and then move the other one via animation.

So according to the comments on that pull request, @bartbresslerepic will be implementing multiplayer origin rebasing in 4.14, awesome!

I sincerely hope so. The fewer engine features we have that are “singleplayer only” or “multiplayer only” just makes for a better developer experience, not to mention some projects require this to function properly on a game design level. Not every game concept holds up fully on a smaller scale. The tools Epic made to get the Kite demo done are amazing, but not all that useful in multiplayer.