Big Project in UE 4.27.2 , Will it Transfer to UE5 easily?

As the title says, I have a fairly large project that I’ve been working on in the collaborative viewer template for a few months now, would it put me at any advantage to transfer it to UE5? If so, how should I go about that?

First, wait for proper UE5 to release.
Second, it is not yet clear if 4.27 branch will be convertible to UE5.
If you want to test this when UE5 is released, make a clone (in launcher) of your project first, then try to convert the clone to UE5. Then you can test out if the conversion was successful in editor and after making a packaged build and everything in the project works as it should.

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4.27 will transfer to 5.0, absolutely. But what @Dejan33 said is good advice for everyone looking to change engine versions: Wait for the full release (not preview) or even a few patched versions before attempting and make a local backup.

There are some features of UE4 that aren’t being brought over to 5 (like tesselation) so it’s important to have a way back to 4 in case a core part of your project isn’t available in 5 as a feature yet.

If you’re nearly done with your project, I’d recommend just keeping it in 4. If you’re years away from completion, then you should probably eventually transition to 5 as new developments won’t come to 4 after a while. This also applies to marketplace plugins.

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