Big procedural mesh


I want to create(and render) a mesh with ~50k points and ~100k triangles. Mesh won’t change its shape during runtime. Currently, I create Procedural Mesh using Create Mesh Section and the editor completely freezes.

Yes, I probably don’t need that many triangles and I am aware of the techniques to reduce their number. Also, I could split the mesh into sections and render only the front side. But at the same time, 100k triangles is not that many and I was expecting Unreal to be able to handle that.

Therefore I suspect that I do something wrong. Maybe creating Static Mesh would be better but I don’t know how to do that. How should I proceed?


Ok so through testing I figured out that in Create Mesh Section the maximum number of vertices is 50k and the maximum number of triangles is 50k. Can I increase it?

…how can it be both 50k vert and 50k tris when each tris has 3 verts?

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That’s a good question :D. I guess it is 50k/3 tris. I think that 50k is just a restriction on Blueprint loops or something. I created the same thing in C++ and it works much faster as well as the editor can handle more geometry without freezing.