Big problem packaging the game!

oh man, i have to get my game running in two days, and suddenly i notice a big problem. When i play the game in the editor everything works! its mainly about the triggerboxes i used, after packaging the game the triggerboxes dont seem to work anymore. Its the Vr template with the Vive. It has maybe to do with the problem with movable triggerboxes which dont work in this template. But i changed them into static, and that works fine in the editor, but gee why not after packaging the game. Should i change the way i package? I tried sevral settings,
anyone the same problem?

YEP… This engine is full of bugs… Maybe the packaged build compiler is not reading in the code correctly from the editor version. Are there any yellow or red lines coming in while its compiling with ‘missing file or missing path’ errors? If you get a red line the build will fail. Pity there’s no scan tool to check all the code first for any build errors BEFORE building the project. Then we wouldn’t have to have the cook to fail and crash out with an error after 2 or so hours of compiling the project.

Trigger Corruption used to happen in Red Editor if you had a too big of a map, then trigger boxes would cease to work and lose their collisions.
For some reason triggers tend to corrupt themselves from time to time.

oh man, yes i was allready afraid of this. I dont see any weird things though. terrible! I didnt know the mapsize could have a effect on triggerboxes. Its a pretty big map, but not superbig. it seems i am in trouble!

weird, i found something. If i play the game in the editor it all works. If i package the game, and then play that export, the collisions dont work in one level. But if i set up the roomSteamvr, and play the exported game without playing the editor, then about 99% of the collisions work. Very very annoying Epic cannot solve this problen. How can we offer a game to anyone only working in the editor.

Sounds good. Try offering all base things, too. Full body sensors (maybe useful if making a base for something like doom.)