Big Picture Character Systems tutorial needed

Hi, I have recently been trying to figure out the camera, player controller, character, pawn, game mode, etc, etc interaction and I have to say it was kind of rough. All the information regarding each individual piece is out there. There are some nice tutorials with good information. After much searching you can figure it out and piece the puzzle together. The third person tutorial is good, but it still leaves much to be figured out, especially for all the games that aren’t going that exact route.

I think it would be beneficial if a tutorial were made that ties everything together.

The tutorial would go through the creation of each core player related section; game mode, game state, player pawn, player controller, camera, etc. Create each one from scratch and explain the why of each one as you do it.

When tutorials use stock features from templates I feel the people watching lose out by not seeing the purpose behind each of these systems and what they are for.


We are creating the game mode, because this is where we tell the game what pawn class, controller class, etc to use as a default.

We are creating the player pawn because this is where we can set the movement inputs, character mesh, etc, etc. Here we are putting it into the world and attaching our newly created camera to it.

We are creating the player controller so we can control the mouse interface and whatnot.

Here is the game state and how you can use it.

You could perhaps use the opportunity to also discuss ways to expand upon the stock blueprint/defaults such as with construction script and various other events.

Basically a tutorial to connect the dots on all these systems because much is lost when tutorials use stock template material that skips these aspects of game creation.

Anyway, I hope this is helpful!

This is a good start.

Oh it surely is, but it is rather light on the actual in-editor implementation. That link is basically all the dots. If there was a step by step(video would be great) tutorial to connect them, it would help tons of noobies out. :slight_smile:

We released a tutorial on creating a third-person character (and game) not too long ago:!

There is also an overview int he documentation:

That second tutorial is pretty good! Hadn’t seen it before. The third person tutorial is also great.