big newbie question about version control and platform

first of all, i have several questions to make, i’m a programmer, and as one, i’m related with all the things that come to programming, language, framework, database software, etc. but, there is something i never had the need to use and is a git repository, because i’ve never been officially working in something, always coding and working on my own local disk, if i had any trouble i just simple start debugging or starting all over again, but this time i really want to make the things more “professional”, and i heard about 3 amazing repository tools, github, gitlab and bitbucket, but someone told me that these won’t make your life easier, and is because these won’t work for the commit made on assets, textures, animations, materials (binary assets), he suggested to use perforce, or the other svn.

the second thing i wanted to mention is that i’m working on a shooter for mobile devices (android for now, ios is too expensive for indie devs), and while working on unreal engine, i had to mind that if i should keep on, or change to unity, 3 things to take this decision, unity has a much better performance when it comes to mobile devices, a better support for ads, google play, and monetization, and the apk size is much reduce compared with unreal engine, ie: 100mb ue vs 50-70mb unity, although, i’m still in love with unreal engine, and i have some other projects in mind to make with ue4.

my point here is, do you guys know any git repository to use with both, i mean, if there is any compatible with both frameworks, and if i should use bitbucket, the one i want to try because is the one that works better for unity, but i’m still confused :confused:

TL;DR what i want is to know which git repository should i use, considering most of them uses coding or text files commit and not exactly works for binary files, and the second one is, any git repository that works ok for both frameworks, unity and unreal engine? i don’t want to use different repositories for different things

really? no one? :frowning:

I use Unfuddle for one of my git repo, it’s $20 a month. No issues with storing all the assets, it also has task tracking software that is similar to Trello but has better organization in my opinion. Recommend it.

Also, one project I have is Perforce on a Digital Ocean virtual server. It also works well, but I manage it myself which I don’t care for. It is $5 a month.

Amazon has a git repository, you may like them. I evaluated it and it worked fine including the assets, but we went with Unfuddle instead because we liked the task tracking that came with it.

The issue in choosing a repository hosting solution depends on your project size and how your team works. If it is just you, you might just want to set up a local server for yourself, either git or perforce which ever you prefer. Perforce charges after you have 20 users but it sounds like you are developing on a very small team so that wouldn’t matter.

thank you, that’s the answer i was waiting for, by the way, i recently discovered a software called sourcetree, but i couldn’t find the way to set it up with unreal engine or unity, that’s my main issue, i also found that only works with github and bitbucket, i guess i’ll go for bitbucket since works flawless with small teams

Unreal works better with Perforce.

i recently download the perforce helix server and apparently works flawless with ue and unity, not sure about this last one, but i’ll investigate more, i don’t want to mess with many git repositories, only to find i’m just messing around without a clear idea

As [MENTION=434]BrUnO XaVIeR[/MENTION] said Perfoce in particular and SVN are supported pretty well in the Editor. UE4 and Unity both kind of work best with the one true server idea of source control. Thats not to say that Git/Mercurial are no-go but its pretty easy to get yourself into dead end branches with binary files and git. If all of your binaries are gonna be small you can get away with git but if you start doing XXMB/XXGB files Git will become real painful real quick.

As such I don’t have a lot of advice on where to host. I have had decent success with Assembla for SVN and Git and even Perforce actually so its a good start. If you do go the git route, a combination of the editor plugin (which I think you need to turn on) and gitkraken would be my choice.

My experience of 30+ years in games is preface and svn but I am looking pretty closely at PlasticSCM now, it offers the single server model from P4 and SVN with the branching of Git/Mecurial. If you search the forums there is also an experimental PlasticSCM plugin for the engine.

well that’s a point, considering that unreal engine and video games work around with big binary files, and i found this and state some of your points

edit: ok guys, not gonna lie, perforce has been a pain in the *** :frowning: unable to delete files or workspaces, and the perforce plugin in unity, unable to connect or getting to work, just to name a few

Yup, if you wanna use P4 with Unity, stick to P4V, the editor integration is terrible.

I used to have a P4 setup but due to it’s price I switched to Unfuddle a year ago, it comes with Git and SVN so I can easily hold my own custom engines there too. Apart from the price which is awesome.