Big Money. Simple Project. Simulated Human Baby AI.

I incorporated 15USD into the calculation NOT burger flipping minimum wage of 9USD.

I’ll edit the opening post.

A quick google search of wages for Programmers came up with values ranging from $20 to $70 per hour.
Personally, I’ve been offered more then that per hour for C++ and UE4 specific work before.
I’m sure I’m not the only one using UE4 that has.
Something to consider.

Yous should each give your own price for the newly revised opening post job. Give give give.

Yeah C++ etc is a b whoever made it. But 350USD over 3/4 days should give you a gain.

I’m only going to have to go with Unity as they’re way cheaper and I’m getting tons of emails.

I’m, sorry. UE4 forum is a rich forum.

Goodbye for now.

I almost pointed it out, then realized it doesn’t really matter because he wants competing offers. There’s always someone willing to attempt the work at a cheaper rate.

But just because we won’t match a low quote doesn’t mean we hate UE4 in any way.