Big jittering on character and objects on a moving platform

Hello. So basically I have a scene where there are several platforms that will orbit around the center.

Orbiting is done with BP where an “Actor” gets attach at the end of a spring-arm-component which is placed at the center. I give it 'distance" to place that actor. And from there i rotate it(the spring arm) every Tick( ) based on delta * velocity - and from distance that works perfectly.

The character - is very basic one.
Then when i place my character on a platform and several tables - every few seconds all of them do a little jitter - the faster, the rotation velocity - the more there is this crazy jittering of everything.
Also the platform is like 30 meter long, orbiting around 100+ meter difference from the center

“the other object” i just attach to the ‘platform’( the attached actor), and the ‘platform’ gets stabilized every frame so it doesn’t flip over.

I appreciate every help you can give me and many thanks in advance.

Out of curiosity…do you have lag enabled on the spring arm?

Tried it was on, I tried to set it off - same result( on the platform)
But turned out it is something connected to the character or the camera manager I was given to use. When i imported an FPS character from the examples - there is no visible jittering.