Big Island in the air, landscape or blender?

If you want to make a huge floating island, it would be practical to do it with landscapes. Not only for performance reasons, but because they are easier to work with on a larger scale. You can paint materials and foliage on landscapes, and change their shape in engine. Doing this with a mesh would mean having to make changes in blender, and re-importing it each time you want to change the shape a bid.

The problem with landscapes is that they are flat sheets, so if your players see the landscape from below, it won’t look much like an island. You could try taking 2 landscapes, turning one 180 degrees, and placing them back to back. That way you can shape the top and bottom of the flying island. If any problems occur at the line where the 2 landscapes meet, you can use static meshes of rocks, to cover them up.

Here are some free marketplace items, which feature 3d meshes of rocks and foliage useful for making terrains: Infinity Blade: Grass Lands in Epic Content - UE Marketplace
Open World Demo Collection in Epic Content - UE Marketplace

Hello, i’m trying to make a game that is based on flying islands, and i was wondering is it possible to do it with landscapes? or should i make them in blender and scale it, it would be a huge object and would probably have problems with lighting. what is the best option to do this? should i put bunch of its peaces together or?
I’m just wondering what is a good way to do it in this situation, please suggest :slight_smile:

I already tried that with 2 landscapes, just though that maby there’s a professional way of doing this or atleast making the landscape in a certain shape :slight_smile: a little bit disappointed, but i guess that will work, i realised that you can make certain parts of the landscape invisible by applying translucent material for example. But sadly cant remove the collision.
thank you for your answer :).

I haven’t worked with landscapes for a long time, but I think there is a way to cut holes into the landscape. That should make them transparent and remove the collision.

I just realised that the visibility tool removes the collision too so its all great :slight_smile: just in case someone wants to know how it is done, heres he video that i found How To Make Holes In Terrain (terrain visibility Tool)┊Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube :slight_smile: