Big difference in performance. PIE vs Standalone

I spent whole day trying to figure out why I get such pictures for game frame time. I looked in my code, disabled it, finally tested Content Examples and everywhere same pictures. It runs okay in the beginning:

Then it starts this weird thing:

I got same result in content examples:

After a small time it stops oscillates. But instead of 14 ms per frame I get 25 ms per frame (game time):

Finally I tried standalone (packaged game - same result) and didn’t get this thing. Instead game time was only 4 ms:

So, am I doing something wrong in Editor? Or it’s just a way Editor works?

Hey funbiscuit -

No, you are using the editor correctly it is just that in the editor will have additional performance requirements as it is also registering the rendering of the UI for the Editor itself, using these graphs in Standalone mode is a more accurate to the final result.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum